MilkCrate Monologues

May 6 - 22, 2022
By Ron Johnson
Directed by Andrew Ceglio & Ron Johnson

The MilkCrate Monologues creatively explores a fusion of Hiphop and theatre. It is lyrical reflections on life, hopes, dreams, failures, and triumphs – all told through the medium of Hiphop and rap. Hiphop Theatre is a mechanism to deliver Hiphop culture through its own traditions while exploring the narratives and  messages that can be delivered through the art form.

The ensemble cast of actors and Hiphop emcees perform compelling lyrics and storytelling, all to the beat of life.  MilkCrate Monologues has no music or instrumentals, yet it has a rhythm and seeks to influence and challenge the perceptions of your mind. The show speaks not only to Hiphop devotees who thirst for realism but also to those new to the genre who are curious as to what this “Hiphop thing” is all about.

“The use of language, music and story can inspire any audience to relate, and on a deeper level, to participate.”
  – -Melissa Booey, Poets Return Podcast

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