World Premieres performed in an engaging staged workshop, featuring special talkbacks with the authors following the performance. Donation admission.


June 25 & 26, 2022

Book by Chandler Patton

Music by Steven Schmidt

This uniquely profound new musical follows Leah, who’s about to close the curtain on her lifelong pursuit of musical theatre after a string of terrible auditions. Then she gets the call that a production needs two actors to step in and rehearse with Broadway megastars Dylan and Patrick, who are reprising their original roles in a staged reading of Leahs’ favorite musical, to be livestreamed on network television.


The line between reality and theatricality blurs in this real play about a fake musical, which explores why some feel compelled to turn their pain into poetry.


July 23 & 24, 2022

Book by Gregory Freedman

Music by Nicholas Ceglio

In this off-beat sci-fi comedy, Stephan, a depressed rock musician in his 40s, has hit a low point in his life and career.  As he laments to his therapist about the poor choices of one specific night that he wishes he could change, she prescribes to him a new medication: time travel therapy. Allowing him to return to his past for 48 hours, Stephan goes back to that fateful night to try and right the wrongs of his life.