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Get your Tickets for the 8 Tens @ 8 Festival
January 19 - February 18, 2024
Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays @ 8 p.m. 
Saturdays & Sundays @ 2 p.m

Two evenings to choose from.
Or see both shows for a discounted price!


Prices: $35 General | $32 Senior/Student

Parts 1 & 2 Package: $65 General | $60 Senior/Student

Get 2 for 1 tickets on Thursday nights [Code = 2for1 (no spaces)]

8 Tens @ 8: Part 1

STOP SAYNG THAT by George Smart | Directed by Hannah Eckstein

DEBUNKED by Mick Hilgers | Directed by Davis Banta

SENSE OF DIRECTION by Seth Freeman | Directed by Sarah Albertson

GERONIMO! by F. J. Hartland | Directed by Jonathan Carter Schall

SOMEDAY AFTER RU-486 by Amanda O'Donnell | Directed by Bill Peters

SIGNING OFF by Gail Thornton Borkowski |  Directed by Marcus Cato

THE VISIT by Dan Borengasser | Directed by Peter Gelblum

WAITERING FOR GODOT by Bruce Bonafede  | Directed by Gerry Gerringer

8 Tens @ 8: Part 2

THE STOCKING EXCHANGE by Lynnmarie May | Directed by Sally Bookman

THE ARTIST by James Ingagiola | Directed by Evan Hunt

TWO MOTHERS by Abby Dunbar | Directed by Suzanne Sturn

THE HILL by Robb Willoughby | Directed by Kathryn Adkins

ON THE ROAD TO TIKRIT by Rosemary Parrillo | Directed by Steven Capasso

NOT KNOWING by Alyssa Ahle | Directed by Cathy Warner

TALKING TO MYSELF by Sam Weller | Directed by Helene Simkin Jara

COME ON, REF! by Bram Hartman | Directed by Jim Schultz

Tickets now available for these Upcoming Shows

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