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Enter the Short Play Contest!

Online Submission Fee Portal

Please follow the guidelines  for submitting your play, as listed on the Play Submission page.


There is a fee of $10 per play.  Each playwright can submit up to three plays, at a fee of $10 per play.


  1. If you choose to submit your play via EMAIL,  you can pay for your submission here, by clicking the link to the right. 
    Then send your play, as a .doc or .pdf file only to:

  2. If you send your submission via POSTAL MAIL, please send a check or money order, payable to Actors' Theatre, with two copies of each play you are submitting to:

Actors' Theatre

PO Box 7084

Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Thank you and good luck with your submission!

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for the 2025
international short play Contest


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