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by Antony Ellis
A Radio Performance

Presented May 23, 2021

KSQD 90.7 FM

Actors' Theatre Radio Hour presents I Saw Myself Running by Antony Ellis. Suzanne Schrag, Kathy Chetkovich, Scott Kravitz and Jaye Wolfe star in this play about  a woman plagued with recurring nightmares in which she tries to help her doppleganger escape from peril.

Directed by Joyce Michaelson

Sound by Sandy Stone

running- May 16 2021_smallActors' Theatre
00:00 / 22:38


by Rod Serling
A Radio Performance

Presented March 14, 2021

KSQD 90.7 FM

Although the short play, The Obsolete Man by Rod Serling, was written 60 years ago, its characters and themes resonate strongly with today’s audiences. The story centers around Romney Wordsworth, a librarian who is pronounced "obsolete" and sentenced to death by a Chancellor of an unnamed fascist state. Wordsworth, though powerless to The State, ends up challenging The Chancellor in a devastating way.


Featuring Frank Widman as Romney Wordsworth, Martin Sampad Kachuck as The Chancellor and Jaye Wolfe as The Secretary/Narrator

Directed by Joyce Michaelson

ATOTA twilight zone final-smallActors' Theatre
00:00 / 24:16
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