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8 Tens Festival 2015

Countess Befits Her

COUNTESS BEFITS HER by Steve Wong. Directed by Gail Borkowski, featuring Evan Hunt and Kip Allert

Murder Most Foul

MURDER MOST FOUL by Brian Spencer. Directed by Marcus Cato, featuring Jackson Wolffe

Office Hours

OFFICE HOURS by Bryan Harnetiaux. Directed by Robin Aronson, featuring Danielle Crook and MarNae Taylor


WINNING by Mercilee Jenkins. Directed by Ian McRae, featuring Deborah Bryant and Ruth Elliott

Louie, Louie

LOUIE LOUIE by Charlotte Ortiz Colavin. Directed by Kathryn Adkins, featuring Gail Borkowski and Kennedy Cartwright

Am I Good

AM I GOOD by Jean Blasiar. Directed by Sarah Albertson, featuring Ann McCormick, Nicolette Nasr, Caber Russell

Change of Heart

CHANGE OF HEART By Vincent Durham. Directed by Gerry Gerringer, featuring MarNae Taylor, James Rummonds and Robert Summers


SURPRISES by E. Borg. Directed by MarNae Taylor, featuring Frank Widman and JJ Porter

Port City Blues

PORT CITY BLUES by Jody McColman.Directed by Alfred Muller, featuring Steven Capasso, Lisa Hadley, Scott Kravitz

Pound For Pound

POUND FOR POUND by John Boni. Directed by Brian Spencer, featuring Evan Hunt and Marty Lee Jones

Poison Control

POISON CONTROL by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill. Directed by Erik Gandolfi, featuring Megan Parle and Matt Clarke

Like A Lullaby

LIKE A LULLABY by Greg Rowe. Directed by Mike Ryan, featuring Nat Robinson, Kip Allert, Scott Kravitz

Champagne and Chopped Liver

CHAMPAGNE AND CHOPPED LIVER by J.M. Eisenman. Directed by Peter Gelblum, featuring Ali Eppy and Frank Wildman

Kanreki Blues

KANREKI BLUES By Lisa Hadley. Directed by Bill Peters, featuring Rick Kuhn, Steve Wong, Joshua Lee, Ali Eppy, Aurora Wonder Love, Nat Robinson, Davis Banta

The Men's Room Monologues

THE MEN'S ROOM MONOLOGUE by Wilma Marcus Chandler. Directed by Karin Babbitt, featuring Sarah Kauffman

Oscar's Wallpaper

OSCAR'S WALLPAPER by Wallace Baine. Directed by Tandy Beal, featuring Frank Wildman and Jackson Wolffe

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