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8 Tens @ 8 Tickets Now on Sale!

The 8 Tens @ 8 Festival returns to Actors' Theatre this January!

Two nights of short-plays chosen from hundreds of entries in our International Short-Play Contest offer a varied night of theater, with pieces guaranteed to encourage laughter, evoke emotion, and explore issues to both challenge and entertain you.

See both parts for a discount, and, like last year, all tickets are two for the price of one on Thursdays. Tickets are $35 general, $32 students/seniors, with the package deal to see both shows for $65/$60.

8 Tens @ 8 plays January 19 through February 18, 2024. Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays @ 8 pm, with matinees on both Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm. Both shows will play on Saturdays, one as a matinee and the other as an evening performance, offering a chance for a marathon of short-play goodness-- perhaps with dinner in downtown Santa Cruz in between?

View the Performance Calendar here. See the Tickets page or click on the images below to purchase tickets.

Part 1 opens Friday, January 19 and includes the following plays:

STOP SAYNG THAT by George Smart | Directed by Hannah Eckstein

DEBUNKED by Mick Hilgers | Directed by Davis Banta

SENSE OF DIRECTION by Seth Freeman | Directed by Sarah Albertson

GERONIMO! by F. J. Hartland | Directed by Jonathan Carter Schall

THE VISIT by Dan Borengasser | Directed by Peter Gelblum

SIGNING OFF by Gail Thornton Borkowski |  Directed by Marcus Cato

SOMEDAY AFTER RU-486 by Amanda O'Donnell | Directed by Bill Peters

WAITERING FOR GODOT by Bruce Bonafede  | Directed by Gerry Gerringer

Part 2 opens Saturday, January 20, and includes the following plays:

THE STOCKING EXCHANGE by Lynnmarie May | Directed by Sally Bookman

THE ARTIST by James Ingagiola | Directed by Evan Hunt

TWO MOTHERS by Abby Dunbar | Directed by Suzanne Sturn

THE HILL by Robb Willoughby | Directed by Kathryn Adkins

ON THE ROAD TO TIKRIT by Rosemary Parrillo | Directed by Steven Capasso

NOT KNOWING by Alyssa Ahle | Directed by Cathy Warner

TALKING TO MYSELF by Sam Weller | Directed by Helene Simkin Jara

COME ON, REF! by Bram Hartman | Directed by Jim Schultz

Don't forget the package deal!

See both shows on the days of your choice for a discount.

Need your theater on a budget?

Add the promo code 2for1 (no spaces) underneath the calendar before you select your seats to get the special pricing on the Thursday shows. Be sure to select the discount ticket price from the dropdown when you choose your seats.


The Mask Thing...

We are no longer requiring masks to be worn iin the theater at this time, but please remember that a positive Covid test or even a bad flu or cold that runs through the cast has the potential to shut down the whole production for the rest of the run, because theater relies on a small group of people who need to be there show after show. If you think you might be carrying something or are concerned about your own health, please wear a mask to the show. If you're not feeling well, please stay home. The shows do sell out, but our box office staff will make every effort to reschedule your tickets if you need to miss the performance due to illness.


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