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Winning Plays of the 2015 Ten Minute Play Festival

In celebration of the 8 Tens Festival 20th anniversary, the Festival will present 16 winning plays this January! The winning plays are:

OFFICE HOURS by Bryan Harnetaux | directed by Robin Aronson

OSCAR'S WALLPAPER by Wallace Baine | directed by Tandy Beal

THE MEN'S ROOM MONOLOGUES by Wilma M. Chandler | directed by Karin Babbitt

KANREKI BLUES by Lisa Hadley | directed by Bill Peters

AM I GOOD by Jean Blasiar | directed by Sarah Albertson

CHAMPAGNE AND CHOPPED LIVER by J.M. Eisenman | directed by Peter Gelblum LOUIE LOUIE by Charlotte Ortiz Colavin | directed by Kathryn Adkins

MURDER MOST FOUL by Brian Spencer | directed by Marcus Cato

LIKE A LULLABY by Greg Rowe | directed by Mike Ryan

WINNING by Mercilee Jenkins | directed by Ian McRae

POISON CONTROL by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill | driected by Erik Gandolfi

POUND FOR POUND by John Boni | directed by Brian Spencer

PORT CITY BLUES by Jody McColman | directed Al Muller

COUNTESS BEFITS HER by Steve Spike Wong | directed by Gail BorkowskI

SURPRISES by E. Borg | directed by MarNae Taylor

CHANGE OF HEART by Vincent Durham | directed by Gerry Gerringer

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