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Actors' Theatre: The Reboot

What do you do when your system shuts down due to a virus? Well, first you probably cry. And, while there's certainly been a lot to cry about these past two years, there's also still a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which is that we humans are resilient, creative, inventive and communal creatures. It is in that spirit that we are relaunching, rejuvenating and rebooting Actors' Theatre to continue to be a vibrant and vital part of the Santa Cruz Arts community!

One of our newly revived Board of Directors' first decisions was to restage as much as we could of the 2022 8 Tens @ 8 Short Play Festival, which had to be canceled last January. We've regrouped the directors and actors from eight of this past year's winning plays, and will be presenting them in a live production this fall, from September 9 through Oct 2. We hope you'll join us to celebrate our return to live theater!

We've also lowered our rental rates to help make the Actors' Theatre performance space available to the community for productions, readings, meetings and presentations. Our intimate, 89-seat theater is now equipped with a high-efficiency electronic air cleaning system that refreshes the air in the space every 15 minutes.

See you at the show!


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