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One More Weekend for White Sky, Falling Dragon...

Don't miss this powerful play rooted in local history and national pride!

Get Tickets HERE.

A young Chinese woman gesturing to the sky with an older Chinese man smiling

White Sky, Falling Dragon by local playwright Steve "Spike" Wong is based on his father's experience of returning to his Chinese family home in Watsonville after his service as a B17 bombardier in WWII. The story resonates across so many themes, including family dynamics, the immigrant experience, military service, and the complexities of coming home in a changing world.

Here are some comments from the audience...

Stunning indeed! Anyone can relate to this beautiful and moving show due to its universal themes and a sprinkling of humor.

A Chinese mother and her soldier son
Wonderful play, story and acting... deeply moving...
a young Chinese man and woman being playful

I really enjoyed this play so much. It's very thought-provoking and powerful.
Phenomenal play and acting, in its entirety!

 It healed my heart. You didn’t just reach your audience, you changed them for the better.  

What a beautiful tribute to your family and Chinese culture, and also what a stunning portrayal of trauma and grief.
a Chinese mother and adult son at a dinner table
What a moving tribute to Spike's father. The scene of him being fed nonstop by his mother the first time home was resonating. This is our love language. There's no stopping that love.
A Chinese man in a traditional robe

Such powerful storytelling!
Every detail was beautifully done, from the music and set, to the acting and direction, and the crafted writing that brought out a family navigating a new culture, deep loss, and moving forward in the world.

There is still time to see this amazing, poignant play. I brought all of my homies to the matinee today, and they loved it!

Production photos: Raul Ebio (2022 Mountain View production) and Davis Banta (2024 Actors' Theatre production)


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