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8 Tens @ 8 Winners Announced for 2024!

The cast of Adventure in Forms from 8 Tens @ 8 2023
Hooray for the winners!

The Actors' Theatre International Short-Play Contest reached 300 entries this year, with scripts coming in from places near and far. Our dedicated and dauntless reading committee of theater professionals chooses 24 finalists, which are then given to this year's directors to make their 16 choices for the Festival. The remaining 8 finalists will be presented as staged readings in our "Best of the Rest" event in the spring.

We're excited that this year's line-up features work by some familiar names and repeat winners, as well as talented playwrights whose work hasn't been seen in 8 Tens @ 8 before. It's important to note that all judging of the scripts is anonymous. Neither the reading committee nor the directors know the identity of any of the playwrights when they are reading the plays and making their selections.

These are the 16 plays that will be produced for the 8 Tens @ 8 Festival this coming January/February:

THE ARTIST by James Ingagiola, directed by Evan Hunt

COME ON, REF! by Bram Hartman, directed by Jim Schultz

DEBUNKED by Mick Hilgers, directed by Davis Banta

GERONIMO! by F.J. Hartland, directed by Jonathan Carter Schall

THE HILL by Robb Willoughby, directed by Kathryn Adkins

NOT KNOWING by Alyssa Ahle, directed by Cathy Warner

ON THE ROAD TO TIKRIT by Rosemary Parrillo, directed by Steven Capasso

SENSE OF DIRECTION by Seth Freeman, directed by Sarah Albertson

SIGNING OFF by Gail Thornton Borkowski, directed by Marcus Cato

SOMEDAY AFTER RU-486 by Amanda O'Donnell, directed by Bill Peters

THE STOCKING EXCHANGE by Lynnmarie May, directed by Sally Bookman

STOP SAYING THAT by George Smart, directed by Hannah Eckstein

TALKING TO MYSELF by Sam Weller, directed by Helene Simkin Jara

TWO MOTHERS by Abby Dunbar, directed by Suzanne Sturn

THE VISIT by Dan Borengasser, directed by Peter Gelblum

WAITERING FOR GODOT by Bruce Bonafede, directed by Gerry Gerringer

Auditions for 8 Tens 8 will be held in mid-September. Visit the Auditions page for more information. Tickets for the festival will go on sale November 24, but you can get your tickets earlier with a Season Subscription.

Actors' Theatre is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We are always grateful for your tax deductible donations.

See our Venmo business profile for an easy way to donate!


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