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Fossils Fascinate at First Friday... What's Next?

people learning about fossils from the paleontologist of the past

As part of our mission to champion the performing arts and encourage everyone in our community to enjoy live theater, Actors' Theatre hosted our very first First Friday event on August 5th when the Paleontologists of the Past offered a hands-on chance to learn about and examine a large collection of fossils. This ensemble of actors and teachers portrayed famous paleontologists such as Sir Richard Owens, Rev. William Buckland, Mary Anning and others, sharing what these 19th-century scientists understood about fossils, dinosaurs and the age of the earth, with a steady stream of fossil fans partaking throughout the evening.

an actor portraying Mary Anning explains about fossils to two teen girls

We hope to bring more interactive, theater-based events to First Fridays in the future. Any performing artists who would like to present a free, family-friendly First Friday event in collaboration with Actors' Theatre are encouraged to contact us. We'd love to hear your ideas!

On another note, don't miss the next 36North staged playreading of original work by local playwrights. This coming Monday, August 14, Steve "Spike" Wong presents the first public reading of this play Ink Leaving the Brush at 7 pm. Readings are followed by a talkback session with the author, director and actors. Admission is free.


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