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Just Because It's June, June, June!

As the Rogers & Hammerstein song proclaims, "June is bustin' out all over!" Well, here's what's bustin' out at Actors' Theatre this month...

Ins and Outs...

There are two more chances this weekend (June 2 and 3) to see The Ins and Outs of Fingers, Spoons, and an Open Marriage with Pascale Roger-McKeever. This award-winning one-woman show reveals what happens when a suburban mom accepts her husband’s invitation to an open marriage and proceeds with a singleness of purpose no one saw coming. Her story acknowledges and embraces the acute discomfort of living out our inescapable sexuality, to create a funny and shameless exploration of shame itself that upends accepted notions about healing and self-realization along the way.

"A remarkable journey into the interior of a woman experiencing what Shakespeare called "the very wrath of love"... brilliantly performed and written with gut-wrenching honesty by Pascale Roger-McKeever." --Michael Billington, The Guardian

Tickets available at the door and online HERE

Workshops for Actors

The paradox of acting well is this: how does one tell the truth by lying?

San Francisco director Bruce Avery and playwright and theater-maker Lana Palmer will be in town to offer a two-day acting intensive that addresses that very question by exploring two different but complementary acting approaches: the Michael Chekhov Method and the Meisner Technique. Day One of this two-day workshop will be a crash course in Meisner, to begin the process of learning to avoid self-consciousness so that one can respond honestly to each moment as one encounters it. Day Two will introduce the methods of Michael Chekhov, whom Konstantin Stanislavski declared his most brilliant student. Chekhov’s ideas help achieve “inspired acting” that requires a performer to respond to the moment authentically while embodying someone else. To “embody” a character requires a symbiosis of external and internal elements, which Chekhov’s work combines external and internal elements to help actors develop and expand their craft.

Actors of all levels and experience are welcome to attend. There are still spots available, and the price is only $125 for the two-day workshop.

Find out more and sign up HERE

New Plays Reach an Audience for the Very First Time

The monthly series of reading of new, full-length original works presented by the playwrights' collective 36North continues on June 26, with Kandy Land by Steve Capasso. Readings are on Monday evenings at 7 pm, followed by a talkback session with the playwright, director and actors. This is a great chance to see theater in the making, and give your input to the author. Admission is free, although donations at the door are cheerfully accepted.

Read more and see the schedule of upcoming readings HERE


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